About Us

Once upon a time the creators of this website went on a journey across the most versatile locations of our planet, which is the decisive element of this project’s story: but for this adventure, the project would have never appeared. And the adventure had a very unexpected turn! See for yourself:

It was a bright hot day. Our developers were walking in the savannah when they suddenly saw a giraffe. Nothing special yet? And what if we tell you he was wearing glasses and reading a book? It was impossible to overlook such an extravagant creature! Shocked by the sight theyfirst mistook for a mirage our developers approached the giraffe and stared at him. The giraffe then politely introduced himself as “Tony,” which completely robbed our developers of speech. But a few minutes passed, and they started a conversation, during which they grew more and more surprised with the giraffe’s verbal intelligence and comprehensive knowledge, So, in the end, they decided to offer Tony to unite their forces.

Tony said that he was lonely, but he had always wanted to share his knowledge with people and to find lots of friends. So, the developers decided to create a most interesting and educational project and to name it “SmartTony” after the inspirational, smart and friendly Tony the Giraffe.

For over 2 years now Tony has been inventing challenging tasks for you on the basis of his knowledge. This is his website where you can answer interesting questions on various topics, earn points for correct answers, beat other players and climb up the game rating. Playing with Tony you can gain experience, enrich your knowledge and make friends with the coolest giraffe ever! Visit Tony’ website every day; invite your friends to play and have fun with with SmartTony, too!